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Reservations: For all reservations, a check or bank deposit of 25% the total stay, will be asked. This will be reimbursed at the end of your visit, unless damage has been done.

Payment: We ask that you pay for your stay, upon your arrival, after having visited the Bungalow. We only accept payment in cash.

Cancellations: You can cancel up to 5 days before your stay and receive the totality of your deposit.

House Rules: By confirming your reservation, you have agreed to our house rules for the Bungalow, La Pointe des Chateaux.  To facilitate your stay, please allow us to remind you:


  • Check-in after 3pm, check out before noon

  • For their security, no children under the age of 4

  • Limited noise after 10pm

  • Smoking is only permitted at the exterior of the bungalow.

  • No candles permitted.

  • There is a dog present on site.

  • Please close all the windows (shutters included) and the door

when leaving the bungalow.

  • We are not responsible for any items left on the patio during your absence.

  • Unsupervised use of pool, from 8am to 8pm only.


Save our planet!

You are invited to recycle via the trash bins for household waste, recyclables and the composter.

To use the air conditioning, please make sure that all the door and

the windows are closed. Please turn off, when you are not present.

When possible, alternate its use with that of the fan, with the windows

and door opened.

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